My Passion is to create that magic house

17 Wasp hives, and a hole in the roof!

A Fantastic example :

  This was not the normal replace the bathroom and re-decorate the living room, oh no! This one was the ultimate test of keeping calm and carrying on. 

  Every single thing from internal walls all the woodwork and plaster work to brand new electrics and new sub floor joist work, this one had it all to do. You could say the ULTIMATE TEST - GULP! (check out the filthy before and after video in the Gallery section)

  We had to remove all the rotting wood let it dry out then treat the existing structure then rebuild it all better than before.  

  The Home report value was just £50,000 when I collected the keys for this beauty, and even though the local estate agents said it would only be worth £110k after the fix up my analysis of the area ensured me that it was worth £145,000, and we actually achieved exactly £145,000, the renovation cost was £33,000.

 I added a whopping £62,000 to the value of this property, so now im more than happy to do it again and again. I just need another Investor or two to help me to buy a few more.

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