My Passion is to create that magic house

Bringing new life to old property

We prefer to find a bad property in a good street, that last one with the swirly carpets and the crack in the front door window. You know it’s the right one when the neighbour begs you to go and fix it up. It’s a joy to rip out all the old bits and bobs and to re-design the kitchen and bathroom bringing it back to life.

Sometimes the owner can’t renovate it themselves, for example an accidental landlord can have difficulty suddenly affording the council tax and bills for the property on top of their own home. This may be due to a relative passing or someone having to leave the country for a new job.

This lack of funds need not be a barrier any more, unlike an estate agent we can step in and help to get it sold or just buy it fast with a cash purchase.

We are equipped with the skills and resources to handle any family property, be it a 1 bed tenement flat or a large 5 bed family home, we can totally transform it into a modern dream family home.

We use 3D planning software to make sure all the team are fully on track with the plans for each room of the house and that the architect has given the all clear for any re-configuration plans via the local council.

On top of the development team, I act as the gel to hold it all together so the project runs smoothly, sometimes I will have to construct something in my garage at home (as above) to use on the build or ill have to go and buy an extra tub of paint. What ever it is I’m happy to be close to the team and to help with any issues.

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