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"You only grow when the pain of not having it far out weighs the pain of doing it"

Blog Posts and updates

Blog Posts and updates

The difficulties of being a property developer

Starting off as a property investor in the UK can present various challenges, if you go it alone.

  1. High property prices: Property prices in the UK, especially in popular areas and cities, can be quite high. This can make it difficult to enter the market as a new investor, as it requires a significant amount of capital or access to financing. So knowing the right areas is key, my first property had a 21% yield, pretty good start.
  2. Competition: The property market in the UK is highly competitive, with many investors and individuals vying for desirable properties. This can make it challenging to find good investment opportunities, especially in sought-after areas. Our preferred strategy is to add value to the property in multiple ways, not just a new bathroom and kitchen.
  3. Access to financing: Obtaining financing for property investment can be difficult, particularly for those without a strong credit history or a substantial deposit. Lenders have become stricter with their lending criteria in recent years, requiring higher deposits and assessing affordability more carefully. So we have been building up our portfolio over time to build a good stable platform for lending and also to build good relationships with our brokers and the banks from 2010 onwards. Our list of brokers have been our first point of call once we have an offer accepted, there is always a way, with a good professional team behind you.
  4. Complex regulations and taxes: The UK has a complex regulatory framework for property investors. Understanding and complying with regulations such as planning permissions, building regulations, health and safety requirements, and landlord responsibilities can be overwhelming, especially for beginners. Additionally, the tax landscape for property investors has undergone significant changes, including stamp duty reforms and changes to mortgage interest relief, which can affect profitability. Over time we have adapted and examined all the new regulations as they have come in and adjusted accordingly.
  5. Maintenance and management: Property investment requires ongoing maintenance and management. This includes dealing with repairs, finding tenants, handling rental agreements, and addressing any legal or tenant-related issues that may arise. Managing properties can be time-consuming and demanding, especially if you have multiple properties or are new to the rental market. Here at Property Bridge we have an extensive list of on call trades for a multiple of problems from removing wasp hives to carpet deep cleaning.
  6. Market fluctuations: Property values can fluctuate, influenced by factors such as economic conditions, interest rates, and government policies. These fluctuations can impact the profitability and overall success of property investments. It's important to have a long-term perspective and be prepared for potential market volatility. So we tend to buy the deal on day 1 and know exactly what we are getting into before we start, and always have at least 2 exits.

We have already Overcome these challenges with thorough research, careful financial planning, and our strong network of trade and property professionals. We are staying informed about new market trends and regulatory changes as they come, and connecting with other property investors for new strategies.

So here at property Bridge you can partner up with our experienced property investors to mitigate risks and gain valuable insights as you invest hands free without any of the hassle.

The eighth wonder of the world - Compound interest

Albert Einstein once said “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn't, pays it”. While some people question whether the quote was in fact from Einstein, the power of compound interest is unquestionable.

This is the main reason that our investors keep coming back to re-invest again and again so they can earn interest on the interest. Simple when you know how.

Bread and butter investing - Hold The lakes

This is simply to keep moving forward, just to move the needle in the right direction. So im looking for a lovely 3 bed property that's in need of an upgrade.

Time to step back a little regain strength and go again, the lake district and Big-SA will have to wait for now.

Waiting for the movement in the market

Massive changes in the BOE base rate as continued to shoot up the mortgage rates, I've been checking in with my Brokers to spot the break in the rises for the good prices again.

Lake house fail - we cant have them all

6 Bed Edwardian SA Lake District - All tree and full costings reports back to the lender they pass back to the valuer who took 9 days to say ok, my solicitor failed to extend the time needed by an extra week, also the estate agent did there very best, but in the end it went back to market for an extra £20,000, demand was so high for this rare gem of a property and with the slowness of the conveyancers and the extra slow valuer taking 9 days instead of the usual 3 it fell out of bed. So sorry we didnt land this one but i know exactly how to sharpen up my proccesses to get ready for the next one.


  • Get the fastest Solicitor for the area with amazing track reccord.
  • Go for a lender with much faster response time, we were at 12 days to hear back with this one at times.
  • Finding a solicitor is very different, they are just a middle man sometimes passing you over to another solicitor so beware this.
  • Finding the deal - Spot on!
  • Having my offer accepted even below other offers - Spot on!
  • Get the builder involved from earlier on and also spend a couple of visits to the area to see the attractions and the builders previous work.

So we need to go again and build a stronger & faster team for the BIG-SA project.

The 4X Uplift Technique.


This is a combination of all my education rolled into 1


All in the same property i can uplift the value 4 times over to increase the outcome of the project in order to reduce competition increse profits and increse the revenue.

See exactly how i do it in a video series, going over the numbers and the total project from a-z. 

Ive been Educated via Elite Lagacy now Asset Accademy, Progressive Property, Cogito wealth, Business Growth Accademy, Landlord Accreditation Scotland, Scottish Association of Landlords, ICO registered and GDPR compliant.

Recent 4X uplift underway


To follow my progress on this recent property upgrade i can show you my latest videos on site for the lst few weeks and give you a taste for what im getting up to.

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