Latest Updates

Latest Updates

Dec 2022

We invest in property so you don't have to.

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Aug 2022

6 Bed Edwardian SA Lake District - All tree and full costings reports back to the lender they pass back to the valuer who took 9 days to say ok, my solicitor failed to extend the time needed by an extra week, also the estate agent did there very best, but in the end it went back to market for an extra £20,000, demand was so high for this rare gem of a property and with the slowness of the conveyancers and the extra slow valuer taking 9 days instead of the usual 3 it fell out of bed. So sorry we didnt land this one but i know exactly how to sharpen up my proccesses to get ready for the next one.


  • Get the fastest Solicitor for the area with amazing track reccord.
  • Go for a lender with much faster response time, we were at 12 days to hear back with this one at times.
  • Finding a solicitor is very different, they are just a middle man sometimes passing you over to another solicitor so beware this.
  • Finding the deal - Spot on!
  • Having my offer accepted even below other offers - Spot on!
  • Get the builder involved from earlier on and also spend a couple of visits to the area to see the attractions and the builders previous work.

So we need to go again and build a stronger & faster team for the BIG-SA project.

July 20202

6 Bed Edwardian SA Lake District - Loan in place, new solicitor in place, Internal design work complete in 3D software. Conveyancing is very slow, the lender has extra questions via the Valuer - Tree Report needed, Full Costings needed, also the vendor has noticed more demand in the area. Yes I got a good price and could show the value I can add to the area with employment and the local economy but they want to sell it again for an extra 10-15k more so I need to be quick with my team.

May 2022

6 Bed Edwardian SA Lake District - Blimey - Probate is complete after just 10 weeks, ITS GO GO GO!, after I get back from my holiday of course.

April 2022

6 Bed Edwardian SA Lake District - This Fantastic property located within walking distance to a beach resort on the west coast, having fantastic views of the peaks is in Probate so it's expected to take 9 months to come though according to a Government official. Time to find the right builder and continue with plans. 

PROBLEM - The solicitor cant deal with a LTD company so now I have to find a new solicitor, this was via a 3rd party introducer, I thought it was a direct contact I made, its different in England with Conveyancing all right!

Feb 2022

6 Bed Edwardian SA Lake District - Fantastic new project - OFFER ACCEPTED!

5 bed Edwardian Un-Listed Period property perfect project, with massive potential, over in the Lake District - Cumbria. 

Jan 2022

The new year has arrived, time for a good action plan to achieve your financial goals.

Check out what we are up to, feed back, investor comments, places we have invested in, previous projects.

Its never been a better time to invest in the property market as prices continue to grow.

Feb 2022

Bread and Butter - Just need to move the needle now back to the regular conversion to a lovely 4 bed property thats the shining star of my portfolio sometimes you need to step back a little regain your strength and go again, so ill get this one soon, then head back to the lakes.

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