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Finders fee for our next project

We pay £500 per property, you find us, like your friend or neighbour thinking of selling their property, just let us know.

We will pay out £500 per property that we end up buying. 

Its usually friends and family members who call us and put forward a property.

We will provide an offer within 24 hours after we have assessed the property.

Contact us on the contacts page for any further info or to let us know about a property in need of a refurb.

We can help accidental landlords avoid having to pay extra bills for a property they cant afford to look after, or help people to avoid bankruptcy with a quick sale.

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Looking to sell your home, renovate it with help or have found a property for a referral fee

Also, if you are interested in becoming an Investor with us we will take you though a discovery call to see how we work.

Feel free to call me with any questions. Craig

All prospective investors will be qualified as able to invest with a criteria stipulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.